Thursday, November 20, 2008

Feeling adventurous? Can I interest you in some Chinese Cuisine...

Always distrust this question, and if followed my the next statement beware bad omens expect you ;P. OK I might be exaggerating a tiny bit, but first some background knowledge.
There is a Chinese restaurant where I leave, but instead of the traditional western style Chinese places, which have a sort of westernized Chinese food (meaning the flavor is somewhat adjusted :P), I went to this Chinese Chinese place. So you have an idea of the place, there is only a sign in the road only in Chinese (thus I have no clue what it says) in front of a really dodgy alley. How dodgy can an alley be? Well you can only fit a person at a time in the gap between buildings, no lights, so pretty dodgy. At one time I went in, realized it was a restaurant and ate a quite good meal. Bare in mind that there where only Asians around. At that time I ate stuff that I more or less knew, which leaves me with the first advice:
- Don't order things which you have no idea what it is (same goes for eating them ;P).
I went back to this place a couple of times, exploring more and more, and my view of the quality of the place was decreasing exponentially. Until yesterday hit the top bottom (which is a weird English expression, top bottom ;P).
So I got this, well some might call it fondue, but honestly it is a crime to even suggest this comparison, so lets call it the soap on the hot plate. This comes with raw ingredients for you to add into the soap, and then you can fish them out of the pot. Doesn't sound too bad so far right? Well if it did I wouldn't have ordered it :P. The ingredients where vegetables, fish related things (yes things is the right adjective :P), meat (or so it seemed, the taste was a different story) and other things which I still don't know what they are. Why didn't you ask, you might wonder. Well the people serving barely spoke English, thus that wasn't really an option :P.
The result, well see for yourself...

In case you don't think it is too bad, well let me say that I thank the existence of Coca Cola, it is the same pretty much everywhere, and it saves you in these silly adventures. It was so bad that I was full after eating a bit, but really I felt full, like my body was telling me " dude it is OK, we can cope without food for a week if it is necessary, and from what you are eating, IT IS NECESSARY" ;P

Don't get this post wrong you should try different things, but please, please follow the next advice:
- Take a native (In this case a Chinese) you can trust ;P

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i said...

lol then u should come to singapore or jakarta to taste a good version of that kind of steamboat ;)
Anyway, when i was in UK i always thought that the uk chinese food is not even close to good but well i had no choice. But the funny thing is after I got the chance to experience proper chinese food in beijing just 2 weeks ago, I felt sick of any form chinese cuisine for 10days afterwards & even close to losing my appetite :p so i guess the 'real' one is not so good afterall hehe