Thursday, November 13, 2008

Macbeth : Under health and safety regulations...

So yesterday I went to the theater to watch the Shakespeare's classic Macbeth. Nothing worth noting, besides my thoughts on the play. I think it is as expect a play for different times, and not so much for the language (it is funny how much you pick up living in the UK for 2 years) but more for the content. It is a good story told in the wrong way considering the last 300 years improvements on entertainment, plot and character depth. Something nice to check once, but way to long to check again. Some other Shakespeare plays work better even in today's time, but Macbeth is not one of them.
I am not doing a more detailed analysis on the play because there was drama at the theater, although Shakespeare has very little to do with it. Near the end of the play the lights went off, obviously the actors carried on acting. Suddenly a women in a very stressed manner starts talking and saying could you please evacuate the building as soon as possible. She had a very stress voice like something terribly wrong happen. The people started evacuating in a unusually fast manner, that is for English standards. People gathered outside, where at least one had a major panic attack. People wondering what was wrong, no information which seemed weird considering the stressed woman's evacuation order.
Finally the said for us to go back in, where they same woman said there was a blackout and that was the reason for the evacuation, ending her statement with "better safe than sorry".
Honestly I can't even begin to comment this, as such I leave it at your discretion to assume what I think of the whole think. But I can't resist saying "Oh no! No electricity? How can we survive?"...

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