Friday, October 31, 2008

The internet...

Well today I am writing about this fabulous creation, this network of shared knowledge and resources. Some theorized that this tool improves the quality and efficiency of work. These people have no idea what they are talking about :P.
Communication wise the internet is provides a solid background for communication tools, such as skype, MSN, etc. These when used appropriatly give you easy and immediate access to people that might be abble to answer questions that you might have. For example a ex college that did something similar. The funny thing is, although this is true, it is only true under a solid social network, which as everybody knows takes time to build, and specially takes time to maintain. The fact of the matter is most communications are mainly social. Another example of this are emails, another great tool, but I want to pose a question how many social or social based (funny emails, facebook(ohh don't get me started on those :P), etc.) emails do you get a day? How about the work emails? Don't see this as an attack on the internet, I would not be able to work without it, the work mails are fundamental and as such not dismissible, but how much time do you lose on the other type?
And then there is the boredom, when you are bored with work, well you have a fun world in front of you, I mean the imagination is the limit you can find everything, online games, news, TV programs, blogs ;P, seriously there is no end, there is no end to the internet... Although a friend of mine told me once otherwise, but I think he meant that there weren't enough football news being released a minute.
Easy information, free information, shared knowledge, well all is great but how do we contain ourselves from abusing it? It is amazing the amount of work one does considering this temptation ;P.
Well I guess I let the porn slip on this post, that would deserve its own post, and to be fair nobody does it on the job, perhaps an email or so but you know how it goes ;P.
To end in a high note check what some think ;P

P.S. - I thought about give useful links for, let's say finding more of the internet ;P but well I don't want to spoiled you efficiency :P

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