Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The second day...

The day after some say is the most important day, for great events, for change, new cycles, even in romances. I mean the first kiss is easy, the awkward part comes the second time you meet, of course you don't talk about it, you have been close to this person but should you assume things? Well you get the picture.
Strangely enough, or not, my work volume was reduced, like I said in the days of change it is complicated to actually do things, that comes on the next days ;P (also a nice excuse, you don't have to thank me ;P).
Nevertheless work seen a bit trivial, and considering I am doing a PhD this is a harsh statement :P. The thing is I obviously had to consider many things after reacting, see one thing you always should do is react, even if it is a choice not to react, but you should first take care of the matter at hand. Once this is done you are free to proceed to see the winder picture and the effects of recent events on it. It is like first you take care of the pain that is present, and then you proceed to prevent future pains. Bare in mind this is simply an analogy.
What troubles me is not events, but my view over them, namely how this view is affected by my current state of events. This is a bit of a problem because I like to think of myself as a constant (not that it is possible to be one ;P), or at least a logical variable. Thus I try to keep circumstances from affecting my core, and although this core is not affect, it is demonstrated how I let at other times circumstances dictate certain things on the outskirts of my world. Sounds harmless I know, but if you have the en sight to see further into the small decisions, well the butterfly effect is there for a reason. For those who aren't familiar with this, basically it states that the clapping of the butterfly wings can case a hurricane on the other side of the world. So basically how the small things can be key to enable big events, thus providing the unpredictability of all things. Now that the background knowledge is set, I must say that I know this to be true, but I also am one of those who tries to predict and model things. Obviously this is done in within limits and not in detail. Anyway back to the point, I could see things evolving in a certain fashion and at the time I choose the puristic approach. What does this mean, well it means I used the approach if things are to work, well they should work without interference. A time of my life that I thought playing good made things less valuable, in a way I still do but that is content for another post.
People don't change? Well I think people do change, not at core, at least most of the times, but they evolve and to evolve you need to change. For better or worst is only in the eye of the beholder. Thus things are as they are, but doesn't mean they can't evolve and therefore change.
Well I think it is enough for a second day post, from Nottingham to the world "Hello World : day two " ;P

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Pippa said...

txii o teu mapa tb ja tem red dots ;) lolol, I can see your motivation... and Congratulations, today IS a BIG day (I guess there were some butterflies in Honk Kong talking about you a few days ago.. it just arrived ;)!!