Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Nottingham Nightlife : Student Monday...

All paths lead to Oceana, basically you can't go wrong, if you are not a student, well find a way to be one because this is the place to be on a Monday night. Honestly, it is simply party central.
If you are a curious researcher, as I am, it is also the place to be. Why? Well it is the perfect place to study the social dynamics of the English culture. One of the examples is the dress code, or should I say absence of one. But don't think this is bad and people go sloppy, actually it is the opposite most people, particular girls, simple dress to impress. The size of the skirts makes you question if they can be called skirts, or if they are simply slightly oversize belts. They go with dresses, with lingerie, with costumes, well pretty much they want to stand out, and they do :P. Well if you think the boys are different, well guess again...
Another interesting aspect for studying is the mating rituals (and here the word actually applies). There are two distinct periods in the night, the first is between ten and midnight, that is the girls on the prowl time. During this period the ratio between boys and girls is astonishing, at least, and really at the very least 5 girls to 1 boy. And if you think it is because the place is empty, well think again, it is packed... For a southern European, this is way to early to be in the club, but well worth it, because you don't hunt them, they hunt you ;P.
The second period starts around half midnight, where the ratio equalizes and at times slightly tilts, and i mean slightly. During this period the men have arrived and lost all their normal inhibitions due to the effect of alcohol in their systems. Thus they proceed with the amazing mating procedure, they go behind the girl, dance ever so slightly, put their hands on their waste, the girl looks back, if she says "no", the guy takes the hand off and moves to the next one, if she says nothing, well 5 minutes and their are making out ;P. Although this is a slight exaggeration, it is not a big one, the thing is not even with alcohol some of the guys can do it, but it is quite frequent to see it happening around you. Obviously for the purpose of doing research you might try it out to see if it works for you ;P. I could go on, talk about the Baywatch, but I think that deserves its own post ;P. Just trust me, if you can simply go there ;).
Last piece of advice, do not, I repeat, do NOT talk much in a club to a girl (in England), or when you blink they are already gone ;P.

A song that makes them while, at least at the moment... ;P

... guaranteed fun ;)

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