Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The hesitation before action...

Today a more serious topic, it can't all about humor and parties.
Some say that hesitating is a sign of weakness, of lack of backbone, that if you hesitate you lose the boat. Well it is true that this might happen but then again you might find that you boarded the wrong boat (And next stop is nowhere ;P).
For some reason the word hesitation has a kind of bad connotation, don't get me wrong it is not bad, but it is one of those words you have difficulties using in a positive context.
The think is hesitation is part of most decision making processes, the need to second guess yourself to understand other scenarios and their own implications. From my perspective sometimes we can't hesitate, but that is more about gut feeling than it is about being a rational human being. I praise logic, but at the end of the day it can't justify a deadlock on your actions simply because of certain uncertainties (eheheh, putting those two words together is quite an achievement ;P).
Hesitation comes from the unknown, and since we can't know everything, it is present in most of our actions. But at the end of the day one should be pragmatic about it, you can't hesitate forever, and after all inaction is just another form of action.

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