Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The weather (don't be hasty about the topic just read it :P)

The absence of what to write about is always tricky to handle. Don't have anything to say? LOL, of course I do, we are talking about me ;). The thing is I don't see a subject that stands up for me to write about, ohh well.
The weather would be a good topic I am in England, and no it is not to talk about the weather although it is fucking cold. The thing is here it is common to discuss the weather, which simply sounds like people have nothing else to talk about. At least this is what I thought before living here, I mean English are a bit distant thus you'd assume that the topics of conversation are trivial and uninteresting like the weather.
The thing is if you live in a country with the most random weather, mostly bad weather, where to be sunny means to be cold, well the topic has a certain interest. This is particularly true when you have good news about it, like this weekend not rain, for the brits this means barbecue time, well not now, it is too cold for it. Well at least I think not even they would do barbecues with this weather. Then again you never know, yesterday went to see a football game, Nottingham Forrest Vs Ipswich Town, it was freezing, like really freezing, and there where some dudes in shorts and flip flops. The British coat is something I will never understand, after all other people also drink alcohol, and yet they are more, well lets say normal in the global reality ;P.


Pippa said...

British coat is a few pints in a row ;) - aka having a lash - something you will NEVER know!

ganda said...


I think they will never know the meaning of the weather being so hot that the only thing you want on your feet are flip flops.

For them flip flops, sandals are the same as wellies :D - just shoes!

regarding "british coats" when then wear it they don't need flip flops or any kind of shoes - bare feet work just fine!

Anonymous said...

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