Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Sliding Doors (Turn back Time)

Hello dear readers, today is one of these days that I have so many thoughts I wish to talk about that I'll probably end up not talking about any. And in this indecision one of the topics provided a title, thus it is the chosen one.
The concept of sliding doors made famous by the movie of the same title. Others might know variants of this such as when one door closes another one opens, this old wisdom from our ancestors, sometimes they knew what they where talking about, even if they didn't realise how much they where spot on.
The concept states that the simplest change can potentially have a huge impact on the grand scheme of things. And the funny thing is sometimes we can see where it happen, the word not spoken, the silence at the wrong time, well wrong or right, it is hard to define how the impact is positive or negative until the story ends, as in the movie so many options with a common thread :) well the sense of humor of coincidence is quite dark and keen.
What if you could turn it back? Like the soundtrack of the movie, what if you could turn back time? Would you? Would you turn your back on what you've become to change a key event in your life? Would you close all the doors that lay before you? Well I guess the answer depends on one's regrets, but I really believe it shouldn't. Like the lyric says "Give me time to reason,give me time to think it through", well this would change it, I don't really want to go into the lyrics, I trust you listen and make your own judgement.
I do want to point out the world of possibility, I mean there is the nice quote that says "it is darkest before it is pitch black" ;P, I couldn't resist this one, but what I wanted to say is although the quote is true, it is only true under a perspective, if you open yourself to the possibility you might be surprised with what you find... (good or bad ;P, sorry couldn't resist)
Enjoy the song...

P.S.- Sorry for the inconsistency, I find it hard to focus today, plus I forgot to say, if you haven't seen the movie, please do, it is really worth it ;)

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