Friday, July 4, 2008

A ghost day...

Well, in how many ways can we describe similar days, and normally on Fridays.
Nevertheless, which is a English word I find very German, since it would normally be 3 separate words :P, and there I go ranting. Well a day where even now due to my massive headache is of a person that has live this day, done all the tasks and interactions required, and yet it is as if I haven't, strange I know, maybe just the headache talking, I should talk about morality and morals, today it would be interesting due to a conversation I had, and yet has I still have in my msn "morality is just a compass, you don't have to follow it", this is my summary :P
Sorry but this ghost needs to hit the bed, perhaps more interesting topics in the next few days, I do have some thoughts, but I might just be delirious :P
To finish off, a live song for you to listen... but consider who is one of a kind? (Hint: ME :P)

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