Sunday, July 6, 2008

About thoughts...

Today I want to write about thoughts and our control of them. Sounds like a reasonable sentence, and yet I feel like it is not, I know we all have experienced lack of control over our thoughts and that is why the sentence makes sense, but ask yourselves can you dissociate yourselves from your thoughts? Aren't you thoughts a part of you (A big part)? This kind of brings the light to the real problem, are we trying to trick ourselves when we don't want to think about something? Well actually this last one is also a tricky question, because it is very likely that we want to think about it, we probably shouldn't and we are aware of this word "shouldn't". Overwork, overact, overdo, to avoid over thinking. It is funny how the English language provides us with this enhanced words that work quite well by abusing the sense of the word "over", think about it, this word alone would mean end but combined means too much, lol, just one of those curious things, or not.
Regardless of all of this my question is why do we try so hard to dodge ourselves, or thoughts, I mean honestly who can tell me that your thoughts are not a reflection of yourself? Yet we can divert from some thoughts, it is hard work, and some are better than others doing it but it can be done. Although this might seem strange, I think it simply underlines human complexity.
We are more than what we are, we are partly what we wish to be, our core self is continuously improving striving for more, and this is what you do when you see the thoughts that shouldn't be and you earese them. Sounds good? Well there is the down side, you might be able to cosmeticly change yourself, and sometimes it will stick, but more often than not you are simply faking it, and if you do it to much, well what are you? The thoughts that you should have or the thoughts that you want to have?
At the end of the day, you have to decide if you want to be true to yourself, or to what you think is right (considering you might be wrong, since there is never a clear cut right). Well I am a bit lost myself on this one, I suppose what I wrote reflects this uncertainty, the scientist in my tells me that the answer is somewhere in the middle, a hybrid approach is normally the optimal solution for complex problems, but the philosopher in me tells me that there is more between heaven and earth than my little brain can take in, thus answers will always be compromised by my limitations.

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