Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Happy birthday Joana (a.k.a. Bond)

Right, everybody knows, or should know, how shitty I am with dates, not the events themselves, with those I am always quite good, meaning I do value them for people, and I do try hard for them. Regardless I've grown quite dependent from technology to support me for the actual dates, but at times it does fail, like this time, not going into details but I didn't pay attention yesterday to the warning alarm.
Parabens Pita, sabes que são sinceros...
The rest I'll just talk to Joana.
All in all a day full of emotion, some good, some bad, well I was not going to put another song, but this one will make someone smile... (did you ever do it?)

1 comment:

Joana said...

Sou eu =)
Obrigada Pedro Ferreira... só não sei se serão mesmo sinceros =p