Thursday, July 3, 2008

It's a rainy day... (is it?;P)

Today I decided not to hide from words any more, and have a go at a post with nothing in mind, well except for the song at the end, which is the title of this post, and yet it is not what you might expect from such a tittle. The fact of the matter is I am witting this while listening to Enigma, thus not exactly on the wavelength of the end song. I should say I really like the "eheh" of the song, it is awesome, and the song is strangely nice. In the last couple of days I caught a bit of rain, I love the rain, my brain starts to race, it is awesome how I can see clearly with a bit of rain. Which reminds me, I almost did a video post, I thought it would be awesome to capture my thoughts after the rain, but obviously I reconsidered, but I promise to do an attempt one of these days, just not a rainy day :P.
The sound of Enigma is quite smoothing, just as I am, comfortable with myself and all my thoughts, how cool is that? Funny how the right music can make the difference between a heavy day and a light day, like I like to say the right soundtrack for one's life is half the battle. I know a bit of an exaggeration but I felt like doing it :P.
"Mea culpa" such an interesting expression, for those who don't know it, well Google it, somethings should be common knowledge. A concept of guilt, but at least from my perspective, not apologetic guilt, the simple statement of what one has done and its impact. Things sometimes are not positive but we are not sorry for doing them, things happen, life happens, one chooses to live or avoid living.
People who postpone living are curious beings, with a bizarre logic of "one day", some of them even go "in another life". Well the only life I know about is this one, thus don't take it personally if I choose the certainty of the (possibly) imperfect over the uncertainty of of the perfect. But I am ranting and since people are talking to me on msn my post ends with the promised song, enjoy... ;P

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