Monday, July 14, 2008

Feeling the moment...

I start this post without having a title, nor an idea of what to write, I do know the topic will contain the name of the song I'll include in the end, yet I am determining which one I'll add. LOL just noticed I am stalling, this is an interesting concept stalling the writing process I force myself to have :P. But Honestly there are two songs I am considering to put, both great but I don't want to waste both in one post even though they have similar topics, or at least in my head of today they do. All of this is irrelevant, the thing is I am having some troubles opening up to this computer screen, it is one of those things that is always there but sometimes is quite strong. The good part is that I don't talk too much about myself when I am in this state, but I do talk a lot :P.
So much too say, no way to say it, OK, I should at least try...
I am in what I call decision period, this is where and when I make big decisions, yes I normally don't make decisions, the day to day ones are simple implications of previous decisions, this makes the dealing process quite easy and straightforward on a day to day bases, and complicated on decision periods. To my defense these periods are not frequent, thus this is a quite brilliant approach, I know I am a freak but what can I do? :P
Back to decisions, I hate actually making them, not because it is hard to decide, but because it is hard to close doors. In day to day decision making there is a lot of juggling which enables a lot of options, these options need to be allowed by the previous decisions but that is normally not a big problem ;). In the decision period one of the major questions is what things to decide on, I know this sounds naive but I always have the expectation of being surprised, meaning even the things I already know the outcome I give them a chance before making decisions, thus this limbo period is nice, but it is also a bit selfish, since it is centred on me. Anyway this is the thing I have some decisions to make, nothing major, but this makes me consider other things to decide upon, like a package deal :P like I said I don't like these periods anyway, so I tend to minimize them :P.
I am going for the song now :P I choose this one Feeling the moment, this is rhetorical question song, and as many rhetorical questions I would like the answer to it :P

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