Thursday, April 3, 2008

Wise Brother

Well the first topic that came to mind was big brother, but I didn't want the whole connotations of all that expression, perhaps I should have gone for responsible brother, but this is more about being wise all around than really simply responsible.
Have you heard about the expression "pay it forward"? Well for those who can, you should...
The thing I am not that nice of a person, or I am not nice when I can be, I am nice when I choose to be. It isn't as bad as it sounds since I am nice to all the ones who matter to me, just can be hypocritical about it and say I do the same to all. Regardless of this some people get my, lets say insight due to others for one reason or another some don't deserve if not because of others. That been said I do realize that it does more harm than good not to help in certain situations, but unfortunately I can't go against my will, or don't want to go against it :P.
Sometimes the illusion that the world is clear to all sets in to our minds, it is so clear how things are in our mind that we can't even consider that others might not have the ability to see even a glimpse of it. For me the gift of insight is a gift and a curse, at least applied in my life, yet it is quite useful for others.
People have a tendency to look only to what is in front of them, which they should do in combination with looking ahead. I won’t be hypocritical on this, at times we can only see what is in front of us, you feel trapped in the cycles of thoughts that reach no conclusions and simply serve to frustrate and depress. This is something that happens to all, including me, the question is what to do about it? Think about it if the thoughts are always the same, isn't that a hint you need a new view? Like one of my favorite all time movies stated something’s you need to change your physical viewpoint to perceive that reality is not a static thing.
The fear of thinking steps in right? The fear of actually having to face your life, not just the day to day reality, the face off between you and your perspective of yourself. No, let's not think, after all if we don't it doesn't really exist right? Wrong, it is like when you know something, but it is not true until it has been said... Honestly PEOPLE FUCKING GROW UP... Fear is part of life, especially fear of failing, the thing is what if you fail? If you are afraid you can't possibility think less of yourself, thus the only way is up... I do realize this is quite more complex especially for complex people like me, or simple, like I said perspective does make a huge difference.
I feel like I should stop talking but I want to make one last point.
If you know you can't deal with it, and know someone else can do it for you, or at least help a lot, WHY DON'T YOU ASK FOR HELP? What the fuck is it with this stupidity of trying to deal with things by yourself, when you know you can't? I know that the people that know me are now smiling, probably thinking you do the same, the thing is I don't. Don't believe me? Think about it, have I ever hesitated to ask for your help when I needed it? One thing is to try and solve things by yourself, another is to be an idiot and not recognize we all need help from time to time. I don't ask if I don't think people can help, but if I know they can... This is why I get pissed off at people when I find out by myself their problems (or by extracting the problems by force from them) and realizing that they didn't come to me, when clearly I could have done something....
Anyways enough for today, good night and I do hope this post helps people to think a bit more about things...

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