Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Instruction to promises

Post time and today is a terrible day since I could probably write for hours here and yet wasn't able to write much on my first year viva, which is 6 months delayed. Well at least I am writing it now, have it in my head lets see how it looks once I am able to put it on paper.
Anyways I decided not to write much...
First I love rain, and walking in the rain is just perfect, right sound, right feel, I could say more but I guess there will be other opportunities.
Anyways today I realized something some might find intriguing, or not, I guess it depends on how much you know me. I don't do promises at least I haven't for ages now, it is a quite tricky concept for me since a promise is like a statement of ability and will, thus you do it. And again don't get me wrong it is not the bullshit promises everybody takes, but the vows you make to those who matter... A lot of who I am are the vows I made throughout my life, but the strange thing is I stopped them, for reasons that I could write about for hours, but in the end they would only be excuses for something I simply become...
Anyways just wanted to share that concern with you guys, maybe it comes back.
Sorry I need to stop I feel guilty already, I wrote more here that the whole day at the office, how ridiculous am I?

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