Friday, April 25, 2008

About the comments

Hey today I comment the comments, I have something else I want to share but I’ll leave it for tomorrow.
I value people's inputs and as such I’ll address the issues raised by them.
Irene I’ll start by the bottom, what the doctor prescribe was a night out and not stuck in my head with myself, forced to go out and have fun or sulk in a crowd, regardless human interaction is always good for the soul giving us the chance to put things in perspective. Obviously I am glad you agree with me about the English, and me, the dude that never left Europe thinks you are also right about your side of the world, the weirdos :P. Anyways I hope you find your way back to the normal part of the world :P.
Now the tricky comment because it was written in Portuguese, never the less I’ll take a go at translating the bit that I’ll mention.

"Bem, certamente que consegues expressar-te bem melhor e ser mais claro, pelas tuas palavras, que pelas dos outros... Ou melhor, tornar-se-ia mais perceptível..."

Roughly is "well, certainly you can express yourself better and clearer by using your words than borrowing other people's words... better yet, it would be more understandable"

Right well what would be the point in that, I don't feel any need to be clearer or more understandable, this is already a compromise I did with myself. The blog is a way to express myself more, and this is more, regardless of the use of other people's words. Beside I know I am not a poet, but at times I feel like one, thus I use those who can make poetry to express my own views, the selections and combinations make up for my own unique view, giving the reader a glimpse of what I want to say...

And that is it, more comments will be appreciated, cheers.

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i said...

so you went to the doctor because you aren't feeling well? physically or psychologically? so are you getting better? *worried*. By the way, lol we are not weirdos. "normal" is a matter of perspective, I believe. what's normal for one person might not be normal for the others. To go a little further, it's the same case with moral standards. Reality is indeed a social construction ;)