Monday, April 28, 2008

Entrapping words

Thoughts are a curious thing, they exist without an existence, we feel them yet they are real once spoken out loud, thus the entrapping words, the words that exist in our minds with no existence until they are spoken. Words of rage, words of pain, words of complex and untraceable logic that simply is, but how much is it? Words that once spoken will demand action, will scream for it escalating the courage of putting then out to a destructive rampage of your world.
While kept within they simply corrode your existence, one can argue that it takes more courage to keep our world away from the harm than might arise from unlashing of such words, yet this is merely disguising a selfish sentiment of self protection into a selfless act. How cool is logic, when it allows such things, the thing is it is not a choice, it is one of those things that time will force out, nothing stays buried forever, those are wise words.
Small post? well it is a courage buster, slow but steady, here a video for your consideration...

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