Sunday, October 31, 2010

The iProblem....

Yesterday I came across another iProblem... What is an iProblem, well it is a problem that is related to the existence of the iPhone, iPod, iTunes, iWhatever.... And its source? Apple, not the fruit of course ;P

So yesterday as I posted I really liked Rebecca Ferguson song on the x-factor, and I wanted to check it out. In the show they say it is on itunes, I thought, well I will check it out on their website. Went there and guess what? You need to install the stupid apple software to be able to even view the songs, let alone buy them. I don't want to install anything I just wanted a song.

I hate when people try to pin things on me that I don't want or need, just to get you to use their thing. This approach to business pisses me off, you should sell something the best you can do it and restricting is well, stupid. I know people like apple, it is pretty and simple, and I am fine with that... But the usability of other things should not be questioned, I mean can you imagine having an internet only for apple, and one only for microsoft?

Companies should realise that integration is good, and the fuckers at apple do good products but make you use their things only, it is a valid strategy, it is working for them, it is elitist and people I guess like that, but seriously world wake up this takes your ability to decide, and if it wasn't an integrated approach computers would still be in the stone ages, support an apple police change make them open up at least their services if not their products ;)

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