Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Euromillions? Really....

Well in a day of very little to look forward for, a day spent in the constant struggle to keep sane, a day of pure pointlessness... Such a day is prone for feelings of what if... A day that makes you think, wouldn't it be nice that the so called God existed... That day, is the day where you look at Euromillion odds and think 76 275 360 to 1, yes sure I'll take those odds... ;P How? Well I figured out something that nobody has figured before, it is called the internet, I can just google for checking the probability and improve my chances ;P

Funny enough, at a certain point all of this makes sense, and you go what the hell, people win it, why not me? After all I am using the power of the statistics found all across the internet, surely I must be the only one doing it, otherwise there would be winners all the time ;P

Well I am ashamed to say it, but I am mocking myself in this post, because I did play the Euromillions despite that fact of being more likely to be hit by a lightning... I always wondered about this statistic, and because I have this awesome power of the internet I can say it is more likely for me to be hit by a lightning than win Euromillions (576 000 to 1), but more than that, it is more likely that the lightning strike will kill me (2 320 000 to 1). In fact looking at funny statistic it is more likely that I get canonized (20 000 000 to 1), which considering I do not believe in God, is a bit of a stretch... But still I said, what the heck, I'll bet a tenner on this, after all the odds do sound great on a day like today... Then again the possibility of reaching the light to those in the dark will always weight more, regardless of the odds. Hope pushes us to survive, even if to do so it makes us irrational... After all I am sure I have a good chance to win, or at least as good as anybody else ;P

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