Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Talking out loud...

I've been working heavily on my thesis, which drains me from writing in the blog. Nevertheless I thought I could talk to the blog, try to make a coherent text of my speech. This natural language to is quite interesting, however it's not very useful for writing a thesis since it requires a lot of rework after you dictate the content. Still quite useful for blogging since you don't really care to misspell something or if the logic is correct, or if it's in the right place. I have a backlog of posts that I wanted to write, I can't find it in the strength to do it, on the upside I did write the titles for them, so I won't forget to write them in the near future. I just want to say hi, still alive, still breathing at least, all in all not bad but feel that. It's funny how you can know that you aren't bad, but still feel like crap. A friend of mine told me yesterday that he doesn't read my blog because he feels it's too depressing, which might be true actually. But as the last event whatever frustrations of the day I have, plus not like I have that many followers anyway, hopefully I'm not making anybody depressed. If I am, well, you shouldn't feel depressed life is great, life is what you choose to do with it, and if you choose to do a PhD, well it's only for a few years. Now the rest of your life still happy and to be fair it's only the last year that really takes to energy out of you, until then actually quite a nice experience. Like I said I don't when really, find out what you want to do with your life and be happy, if you aren't happy that means that whatever you're doing is not right. So take a leap and change all I can say.

P.S.- Written using natural language, so might contain errors ;P

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laffer said...

Yes. It does have some errors but it's quite understandable. Depressing? Not really. Thoughtfull perhaps.