Saturday, November 13, 2010

Writing a post in natural language

hello world, today I'm not writing but dictating to the computer and seeing what comes up. It is surprisingly quite accurate system and I've only trained it in the first instance. It is remarkable how far technology has come in and understanding the way we speak. Most people are not aware of the system and are not aware that they could use such a system, in fact I can see this as a great substitute for certain secretaries that do mostly nothing.

You just have to speak and give commands and this actually interprets everything like nicely. I'm not correcting it in on purpose so you seen the limitations of this software. In fact it's not done on the previous line had a problem but you can still understand the content of the message. And you have to still bear in mind that I only did the one training exercise in fact this has quite advanced exercises with very elaborate text. Another thing that you might consider is that I'm talking fluently and not spelling each word. Again it has some bugs but I'm quite impressed by the software if you're using a proper microphone. I have tried this in the past using a rubbish microphone and it didn't give me any results so don't underestimate the power of a good microphone. Hopefully all of this makes sense because I do not checking all the words that I've been ordering written.

This is just an interesting post for me, and it shows the potential of technology if you know how to use it. I think that that's one of the biggest limitations that our society has. Most people have no understanding of how to use technology or even have the smallest notion of its potential. So I find it quite remarkable that peoples still say that we to progress technologically, when in fact if we use the technology available to us right now we would be already in the far far future.

Thank you for listening, and in this case it's really listening because I haven't touched the keyboard ( well I mostly didn't but sometimes I spoke out of turn in the software product wrong, but hopefully it gives you a good impression on this software with minimum configurations to your voice and your speech).


Pippa said...

I witnessed the "writing" of this post, which was literally dictated to the computer. I was extremely impressed!! It is really accurate one of the most impressive things was that it not only allows you to dictate text but to give commands to the computer like opening a specific software like an internet browser and start searching and surfing through web sites and so on.. it is AWESOME!

Lek said...

sounds AWESOME!!
what's that software?

Pedro Ferreira said...

Naturally Speaking...