Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Koran for Dummies (The Qur'an for Dummies)

So funny story I went to the book shop to buy a present for a friend of mine. I wanted to get the God Delusion so I went to the Religion section. I was browsing through the books, found all the book that try to refute the God Delusion ( that could be a interesting post :P), and continued all the books had very pale colours, saw the Qur'an and a couple of book later (5 to be exact) I saw a bright yellow book. I thought that looks like an out of place book, it looks like those books for programming for dummies.... Wait ... It is for dummies ... The Koran for dummies!!!! LOL, wel as you can imagine I had to share this, I mean what is it the koran for beginners, or how they say in online games noobs... "You start with this, and then you can move on to the more hardcore things", like the real book... Interestingly enough there was one for Christianity, and to write this post I found also one for islam....Whish makes me wonder, are they different? should they be.... Anyway here you have the link if you want to have a look ;)

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