Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Good times...

Hello has you all know or not I have been heavily involved in running simulations using the JADE platform. Yesterday went to bed at 6 AM, and left it running... In the morning I got up and it had crashed stupid OutOfMemoryError... Anyway this post is not on the fucking platform although I should write a couple of posts on what I learned these past couple of days. Anyway woke up and had a mail from a friend of mine which I checked on my mobile. Came down stairs to the computer to find the failure and thought life is shit, "good times"... Please not that this should be taken as sarcastically as possible, but I felt that it was all so bad that might as well class it as "good times" and fuck it. I watched the movie Wall Street Money Never Sleeps, and loved two things one is suited to this feeling of today the other is just a nice curiosity. One of the characters of the movie answered "In the good days I am OK, in the bad days I am OK" to the question "how are you?". This fits to what I feel, meaning it is like being numb, you not bad per say, but are you really anything at all. Spoiler alert, don't read if you haven't watched the movie and intent to, the guy ends up killing himself, which made me wonder why? To feel something or simply because he couldn't face the world after his bank went bust. In my mind it was a bit of both, in the end it is always a bit of both. Fear of failure is a constant in my life nowadays, however this is a fear that is not present but you feel it lurking, waiting for the right failures, like OutOfMemoryError :P
Yesterday was also building up my music knowledge and this one caught my attention, it is from Augustana and it is called Twenty Years. The sound and the lyric, I mean just close your eyes, listen to the sound and feel the lyrics... I can tell you it is worth it..

As for the second aspect of the movie I liked it is the tulip bubble, how in the 16teen hundreds in Holand there was a tulip madness, where people would by one tulip bulb for the price of a house in front of the canal in Amsterdam. Seems unreal right? Well lets say we haven't learn anything from that story. All things in business are treated as bubbles, and one thing is for sure bubbles will burst, the question is when, and that's when people get rich... But remember, it is always at a cost of someone else... Seems like an obvious stupid system, then again we live with it so, like in computer science, the computer is as stupid as the person who programed it :P

As for the movie, it was alright not great, but definitely worth to watch specially if you like business aspects of the world :)...

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