Friday, October 29, 2010

Why/How to use Google Reader

So I've been updating my blog a little bit, and remembered the RSS access.

Well I think all people that use the internet have seen this name, if not the name at least the symbol for it. However what you might not know is what it is, or what it is for... If you want the real definition google it. In simple terms it allows us to get information when it is released. So instead of checking the news all the time, you can get the news once they are released.

How? Well for that we need a RSS client, meaning a program that allows us to subscribe to the feeds we want.

Well there are a lot of clients for RSS, some are built in to the browser the case of firefox, others are stand alone tools, or part of other tools like outlook. There is also the possibility of having a web client for these feeds which is google reader. Basically you have a web page that shows all of the feeds that you have subscribed.

I am a big google news user, google reader provides a similar type of experience but you define the sources. So for example if you like two or three newspapers, you can just add the link of the website to google reader and i will collect this information. How? Simple, you need a google account, any will work, your youtube, your email, blogger, whatever... You go to and log in to it.
Once you are logged in you press "add a subscription"

Once you do you can just put the address of your feed source, lets say ;P

And that is it now every time I post something you will see it there, that is true for all blogs, or news you may want to add.

The idea is to give you control over your sources of information, putting it all in one place.

Google reader does more than just this, like you can share or make note on news, but lets keep it simple ;)

P.S.- There is a mobile version of the site it was clearly designed for the iPhone, but it works well on android, or any other mobile phone, plus as a tip you can add it to a side bar in firefox ;)

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