Thursday, August 14, 2008

Back and in need of changing some habits...

Right, a very small post to bring the realization that my normal way of writing is not working out anymore, as such I'll introduce new times to write posts.
Anyway, that was more of a foot note that anything else, to the nice bit, my holidays :D, well the word I used most was awesome, bare in my that my expectations for Greece where very low due to previous disappointment, this gave it a better view since I only looked at the good, in en sight it was the same just with different company and that can make a big difference especially with different expectations :P. Great I didn't want to approach the topic of expectations and thus I rap it up now :P.
I'll post some pictures and thought collected during the holiday but for now this needs to be short because I have to save my writing bullshit abilities for a proposal I am writing, that and the lack of time so, talk to you soon at different times (Trying to keep the one post a day thing, lets hope :P).

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