Sunday, May 18, 2008

Smirk of a bad boy ;P

Well today i woke up in a positive good mood, why? well i have no idea why, yet today woke up and felt positive, I can't begin to explain it, it was simply the case. Well this hasn't happen in a while, and you don't really question good news :P.
Anyways got up, got ready to the sound of the song I posted yesterday, and went for lunch at the university.
I was walking and I felt the need for tunes that were fitting this strange mood, scrolled the play lists and found the Now Dance, pushed play, and simply enjoyed the walk. As I passed a window i noticed that I had a smirk on my face, the type of smirk you have when you are bad boy, yet not too bad... ehehhehe, anyways ended up having a extremely productive day at the office, unfortunately I didn't go out to use this apparent charm I had today, but I used the positive effects of it in work.
Today I sang while walking, danced while walking, fucking didn't care while walking, realised how fucking awesome I am... I hope i still remember it tomorrow...
Here you go, one of the songs of the day, I am sure it will provide a better picture ;)

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