Thursday, May 22, 2008

Send me an angel...

So continuing my song from the past mood I can across two song with the same name from my past. These are great, or at least bring back great memories, man I am talking like an old dude, age comes to all, anyway, the first I heard in the movie the teenage wolf 2, it has a brilliant lyric, on the other hand the video is, well LOL, this is way before my time but it is always cool for a laugh. I included the version of the song that I remember which is a bit more recent, this is my from my time as a romantic, yes I had a romantic time :P. By the way if you are curious check the other video, I promise great hair styles :P.

The second song is a classic from scorpions and requires no introduction, or maybe it does, but I wont provide it :P

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