Saturday, May 24, 2008

The small curiosities of a english night out

Right, so today I went out for a drink with some friends, until here nothing new, well maybe in recent times it is new :P, anyway I left my house at 21:15 just after dinner, a bit early but nothing too strange. I step out of the house, and guess what? still daylight, so I went out at night during the day. Went to town, the usual British dress code, meaning as few clothes as possible, even though it was quite cold, nothing usual in an British night life scene. So drinks turned into a club and there you can see the British society at its best, no rules, just fun :P.
We left when it close, translation at 4 in the morning, and this expression has new meaning for me, because it is fucking morning out, no night. I mean I've been out partying until day light a lot of times, but this is ridiculous, honestly huge days are awful. Anyway this is just the curiosity I wanted to share of the evening, other things I would like to share but I am taking the approach ask and you shall know ;).

Ah, almost forgot the song that was stuck in my head the whole day, great beat, great rhythm, great lyric, and it just makes you want to dance. It is an oldie but the cover sounds great, enjoy ;)

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