Monday, January 19, 2009

The cold...

The cold is a strange thing (for a lack of a better word), it makes us feel alive, real, and yet it numbs us from feeling. I guess one could say the same about heat, but the cold is more reflective, makes us think, makes us question things. Today I thought what do you want to write about, and this is what is coming out so bare with me perhaps something good will come out of it, if not well I won't write much anyway.
I like the cold, I like it because it makes me feel all of myself, perhaps that doesn't make sense, but it is what happens. In the cold I can think better, clearer, my sense are more aware. I guess this is natural since in the cold our bodies are on full alert, thus there should be some sort of chemical or biological explanation for this. Unfortunately, or not ;P, I am not a chemist or a biologist and as such I have to use simple logic to provide possible explanations.
In life the cold is a alert for the body but it also provides better insight to other aspects of oneself, if you use it wisely of course. And please don't be an idiot and go stand in the cold to think, it is just something you can combine, in moderation obviously.

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