Friday, January 2, 2009

2009 The new beginning... Well is it?

Hey after a period of absence we are well in 2009, so I'll skip all the best wishes and go straight into the title. Small note due to my absence I have several posts that I need to write about several topics and I promise I'll get around to each and everyone.
One year after I started this blog and guess what? yes it is a cliché, a lot has changed :P.
So new year, new life, or so we say in my country. But is it? And more importantly where does this wish for change come from, and why the hell people condense it on this particular date? Well it funny but I fall in this category of people who review their year and assess what new beginnings are required... This blog was a result of a new year resolution, and funny enough I do think this one actually worked, I do speak more about myself, so who am I to bash what works ;P
The problem is, sometimes it doesn't, if our heart is not ready for the change our brain wants to impose. It is good to review, assess and think, analyse and conclude, but at this time of the year remember things can't be rushed, even if they seem inevitable, sometimes our heart needs time to get to where our mind is....
Just a thought....

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