Friday, June 6, 2008

Really nothing (plus walk alone)

Hey what's up, so today I write with nothing in mind, no heading, just some words that might or might not make much sense.
I am back in Portugal, back driving which is awesome, me and the road... Now some cough, a sip of tea and I am back on the post, green day on the TV, "I walk alone" is definitly me :P
I went for my usual drive through Cascais, all my places, all my memories, but today it was quite different, my pace was fast, like I was fast forwarding through it, maybe because I am ill, maybe because I wanted speed, the fact is all was passing fast by me, and I didn't want to slow down, speed on the overview of what I always have present, my memories... Fast forward is cool, but I feel sick...
I would talk about airports but honestly I want to vegetate a bit in my couch ;P you understand... I leave you with...

This girl is awesome ;D

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