Sunday, June 1, 2008

PhD post

Today I decided to talk about my PhD, I am leaving the topics from yesterday for a more inspired day :P.
So today I went to the office, as I need to catch up on my work :P the comics that I am adding explains it all :P. Anyway, I discussed with a colleague the subject of doing a PhD.
The PhD is the art of doing work and talking about it, reselling it for more than it is worth. Sometimes just talking about it is ok :P. The thing is you don't have to be a genius, but you do need to be methodical, here is where I struggle, I like doing things, I don't mind explaining them, but justifying everything on every aspect that you can think of, is very hard for me.
A doctor, a real doctor (thus a PhD ;P), doesn't find answers, he finds questions, and possibilities, the validity is not important since he defines the scope and reach of the answers. Questions that lead to questions, answers that are just questions in disguise, playing with concepts and words. This is the part I like, the putting them down in paper is a bit trickier.
Just some thoughts of a day doing a report, so obviously this is not the whole picture, but it is a part of it all ;P...
Enjoy the comic...

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