Monday, June 16, 2008

Morality quote...

"Morality is just a compass you don't have to follow it."
One of mine, isn't it great :D, I get really proud when these come out of me... Normally i am already proud, but that is beside the point.
The thing is morality varies from people to people, thus you can bend it to suite your needs, and if it doesn't, well you have no obligation to follow it, except moral obligation but that is quite redundant.
We have to live with ourselves, as such it is a tricky combination of bending the compass while being able to justify to ourselves that it is the right thing.
The right thing, isn't that one a great cliche, here is a secret that everybody knows, THERE IS NO RIGHT THING, or at least no SINGLE right thing, there are perspectives for what is right from different points of view. So people who hide behind the so called "right thing", please get out of your moral high horses, the rest of us do see through your bullshit, we just don't care enough to anything about it...
The power of words is the ability to bend things into more suitable perspectives, yet they don't change things, or at least shouldn't (I know their power), arguments should not contradict who we are, if they do, well clearly they are wrong... ;P

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