Sunday, June 1, 2008


Today I thought about two great topics for a post, which am wrote down for another day.
Anyway today I want to talk about a type or kind of music, in Portugal I would say "musica dos pastilhados", roughly "music of the people that take happy pills". This music, or this at times music, produces the strangest human behaviour while having the potential of producing the worst sound for a club ever. Sounds weird this last part, I mean this sort of music is made just for clubbing, yet since it is done by the DJ mix in the club, well lets just say not all DJ have a good feel of a room or the beat, I would say most don't.
Not going into the people that take the happy pills, and that go there with a bottle of water, I would like to talk about the others, the ones that keep the same dance pace regardless of the beat. I wouldn't say I know how to dance, nevertheless these guys are just happy that they can dance to something where the beat doesn't really matter. You can clearly see this when the DJ is bad, and thus makes a lot of stupid mixes that don't allow for dance moves, you look around and PEOPLE ARE MOVING, and funny enough to the beat of each other, the sound is completely unimportant. The question is why, oh god, why? I know about group dynamics, thus I understand the why moving at the same beat, but why go to a place (with the exception of good DJ) where this is the dynamics? Do you realise where you are? And mostly men go to these places, what are you thinking? I mean the interaction is limited and the market is reduced, on the upside the ones there shouldn't be the brightest of the gene pool.
Yes I did go to a place that had a dance floor like this, and honestly, I remember the conclusion I had the first time I went to one when I was 17, even though the DJ was relatively good after a while I realised, fuck this is always the same, the patterns, the moves, the sounds, why is this fun again? Well lets say I did a big analysis on this, and honestly everyone should do what they find fun, yet my brain needs to say this, WHY? :P

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