Saturday, June 14, 2008

Pushing me Away

A latte post with no excuses, funny today could actually not write a thing because of computer problems, yet I will, more than most might get...
The song had a perfect lyric, and now the perfect sound, not that the other wasn't perfect, simply different. Today I share the symbioses of my thoughts with LP poetry...

The missing parts of the lyric, should be in your mind while you listen...

Everything falls apart
Even the people who never frown
Eventually break down

Everything has to end
You'll soon find we're out of time left
To watch it all unwind

And at the finish

We're all out of time
This is how we find how it all unwinds

How cool is this? How perfectly can share your thoughts? This is awesome for the purpose of talking without talking, but also because it fits in a perfect moment in time...

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