Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Out of the market...

A somewhat overdue post, quite frankly not really as a requirement but more as a statement of the importance of my resolution to create this blog. The point of the blog is still as present as ever and my commitment to it as well, thus this post.
So to the topic, I am out of the market, well this statement is not really recent, but yet I guess I haven't put things in these terms yet. The market, this interesting concept coming out of the mind of the economic geniuses of the past. Well my market value has been high for a while, but lets say it has reached "conscientious" all time high. I say "conscientious" because there are parts of my life where it was very blurry either way. The simplicity of the matter is it is high, I am aware of it, how awesome I am and all that arrogant language that I've learned to tone down... Regardless of all of that, the market has lost its appeal, reasons? Well that are reasons beyond reason that drive our decisions, even when we think otherwise... I know a cliché, to be honest this cliché stage is not cool but, it is :P.
Market is just another word to interpret human interactions, how to deal with things, events, people, assess, analyse, etc. LOL, it is funny how good one can be at this game, or whatever you want to call it, the thing is my value is as high as it is because I know all that I know, and I know what I've learned which is a consequence of who I am, thus AWESOME :P.
Ok this post is not about me in that sense, the post is not about my market theories, my assessments, my games, my worlds, it is simply a statement of me being out in the market but not really for sale, and I am not really interested to buy anything, unless it comes in pares :P (a little humour). This guy is now looking at the markets of futures, meaning in less immediate things, LOL, I really need to post my theory about markets here, this post would make so much more sense... But no time for that today, today is about pulling myself of the market, buying out my market shares, a bit sad... And yet I am happy so, life goes on to better things, at least one hopes.

Just realised this is the most unromantic view I could put things, LOL, well that is my brain for you, but I compensate with nice borrow words...

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