Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Lesson on focusing...

Hello again, seems like every time I write here I need to apologise for the lack of posts, and while I always mean it, it seems I can't break the cycle of not writing.
The fact that I am at the end of my third year as a PhD student does help explain this, how could I lose time writing here, when I am having troubles writing for my PhD. This brings me to the point of this post, ever felt like you need to work but can't motivate yourself to do so? You sit in front of the computer and nothing comes out, you find excuses not to do it, talk with colleagues, read online news, search for random things, play games, in a word you procrastinate... Well if you relate to this I found a way to deal with it.
Go to a public place (I use Starbucks, but any coffee place should work ;)), no computer, just your required reading material, blank paper and something to write with. Force yourself to stay there, you will feel alone in a crowd, once this feeling sinks in you become aware that you are there doing nothing, thus you become self concious that other people might find that strange. I mean the Starbucks I use usually has a lot of couples there, if I don't work, well I feel like a stalker, and probably look like one :P. So I work, it is a way to try and force yourself to focus and to work, doesn't do wonders for motivation, but hey at least you work ;).

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