Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Wii...

Well, eater break is over, my mom came to visit and bought me Wii for my birthday (which was a month ago). Went to Cambridge and I want to write a post on that but now, a simple post for the Wii.
First I think they should put a warning on it saying probable muscle pain when used ;P my arm is killing me, on the upside, my muscles should be getting bigger, or one would hope ;P
The Wii seems to be a awesome piece of equipment, not for the graphics or games, but for the interaction, plus I was never that good at playing bowling, first time on the Wii 164 points, when in real life I barely passed 100, once :P. All in all just fun, action and games, instead of the normal fun and games :P.
Ohh be careful with the baseball, pitching will destroy your arms :P
I'll keep you posted on new developments, for now the Wii rules :)

One interesting video enjoy :P

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