Monday, April 20, 2009

Loneliness factor...

First I want to apologise for the lack of posting, it has been a bit difficult namely because I still don't have internet at home (Long story, let's just say virgin sucks).
So I've been reading up on swarm theory and swarm intelligence, which by itself has probably little interest to the regular person, hey I work in the field (sort of :P) and have little interest in it :P. But I came across a "interesting" fact (notice how I stated "interesting" :P) about human cells. So apparently they commit suicide if they, and I quoting now, "feel lonely". When I first read it, I was like what? But after checking with people more in the biology field, this is actually true. The question is how do you quantify this "feeling"? I mean honestly it is suppose to be science, the cell feels alone and commits suicide? At least sounds a bit off.
The thing that fascinated me was the cell awareness to its loneliness state, I can imagine it communicating "is there anybody there?", "yes", "yes", etc... But the question is does it ask, or waits for someone to ask? I mean seems a bit redundant to ask if someone just asked? :P
Anyway the point of this post is even cells need company, the happiness is only true when shared thing, even the cells know it, well maybe knowing is a bit word :P


Pippa said...
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Pippa said...

One cell alone doesnt not survive and yes they communicate quite effectively!! How? Through the use of messengers (its like post!), they send it always with delivered and received receipt request so that they make sure "someone" is out there, thats how they know they are not alone! Bacteria does that too and thats the so-called quorum sensum! Its fascinating how little cells work as societies such like the beings they belong to. There are actually very few species that survive which members survive on their own.
And once more you are not alone on your loneliness I feel very much like that, I am pissed off with my work right now.. grrrr ;)

(I had to re write this, was full of mistakes)