Thursday, February 6, 2014

The solitude of solace.

A screaming silence dawns in my thoughts, the painful awareness of irrelevance is pushed through, numbing my existence. An impairment only possible to the unimpaired of thought. Solitude is more than a word or a feeling, it is a state in which we sometimes we take solace. The faint comfort of being just with ourselves gives us a glimpse of relevance. This mythical relevance of the promise of belonging to this world in some way or form. I truly wonder if the glimpses of this place provided by our lives is there to gives fuel to live or to taunt us while we pass. Life is more than just thoughts, and yet these are my only refuge in times of pain. It is strangely comfortable to shield the pain and yet inside you see only yourself and your own pointless existence, which merely validates the reasons why you find yourself in these thoughts.

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