Monday, February 11, 2013

Am I Back?

Hello world! It's been a while. Quite longer than I expected, specially because time pauses for no one. A lot to tell you about, considering I did not even post anything when awarded my PhD, so now I am a doctor, so you can trust my wisdom, or not, but know that now I have a fancy title to go with my meaningless words :P

I decided to write something to establish a more concrete thought process, and you the world will always be there, either real people, or not. As always it is words for the void, being that I don't expect reactions from the void, but if the void provides reactions that will be most interesting :)

I am in a stage of my life that is quite intriguing if one would see from the outside, I am old, or lets say older for my ego not to be bruised too much, but yet don't feel it. I am supposed to be wiser and more mature, and yet it all seems the same. It is like music I guess, you can't really see what is old or new so long as you grew up with it, or pay close attention. Think about it, if you hear something from the 60s, 70s or 80s, of course not counting the things you listen quite a lot and consider timeless, you think this sound is from that era. However when you think about your era, so when you started to really listen to music all seems like one big era for which there is not characteristic sound. This is of course and illusion, the 90s had a sound and the 00s had a sound, maybe the 10s doesn't yet :P

I guess it is hard to see evolution when you live with it, I am sure it is there, and yet not, I listen to stuff from the 90s, it is part of me, and yet if I am honest I don't listen to it that often. Think about it, it is mostly reminiscing of some time it the past, it is great you still relate to it, but you simply don't have it always in mind. We are our past and present, but in all honesty I think the past is what brought us to the present, meaning what made us who we are, it is nice to think of the path but most of the time one simply walks to the next thing. We don't let go of the past, we carry it with us, but we cannot forget to keep moving since time stops for no one.

But what does one do when the notion of where to go is not clear from its past and present...

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