Friday, February 22, 2013

A small change on the way to what might come...

So today I decided to make a small change in look of the blog. Was not really on the posting mood and yet I kinda need to post something. Even if what I have to say is not really relevant, or maybe even stupid. I decided to go against the quote "better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt". I was never one for silence, and yet my silence in past times has been quite loud, at least for those who have the ability to look beyond what is there. I digress and this is not a post for this, this is a shallow post, one of the shallowest, at least from what I can remember.

What can be a shallow post? I am glad you asked, or didn't :P It is going to be about shoes! Well don't leave yet there is a reason for this. First let me clarify that by shoes I mean trainers ( snickers in the US), I hate shoes. So I saw some I really liked, and decided to take my girlfriend to see what she thought. Before you ask why? Well I don't like spending money on me that much so a bit of validation does help :P. She also liked them, so I asked for a pair. Unfortunatly they did not have it in my size. Because I liked i decided to order them online. So far so good. I know they are a bit flashy, but everybody seems to find it funny flashy. I still like them so guess what don't care :P But it did got me thinking why is it not appropriate to wear trainers in all situations, I mean if I have a orange and pink tie that would be OK for formal wear, why are trainers any different... Anyway leave me or thoughts on my new pair of trainers or on this if you so choose :)

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