Friday, July 17, 2009

Back from holiday and got my Prince 2 Foundation certificate...

Hello world, so the plan to write more on the blog fell through, that will teach me on promises :P. The time in Portugal was full of topics but lack of time so.... After that was in Mallorca, no computer so just stories ;P.
Got back last Sunday and been a bit busy with the Prince 2 shit, did the exam yesterday, passed with flying colour so that is done.
Now back to the real PhD life, abstract for another conference, it seems I am being haunted by conferences, hopefully it is the last paper for a big while. On the upside it is just an abstract for now, the paper is due in October and a lot of watter will go under the bridge before that.
Write that is a sum update, I can't really force myself to write anything else, this was already a bit hard to write, my mood for sharing is not at all time high lets say... However not promising but, a bigger post will come soon...

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