Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I'm Back and with a question :P

Hey, so long time no see... I want to change that at least for a two weeks :P
So a lot has been happening, a lot of posts to write... It is funny how they simply pile up, in my Portuguese trip next week, I'll try to post as much as i can, some on people, life, politics, maths, papers... a lot of nothings :P.
So today a very light post, just finished with another paper, on another interesting topic, which I'll post latter, but today I want to raise a simple question...
Does alcohol make you forget? Meaning do you do things that you forget? And don't take this the wrong way, I mean we forget things even when we are not drunk, so I mean more things. There is no question that your senses are impaired when drunk, but do you physically forget things you did? Note that passed out does not count :P
So you are aware, but very drunk, do you forget things? or do you just wish to? or do you forget just because it is painful to remember? My knowledge till today is that you don't forget, sometimes it is simply easier to say you do... I don't drink, so I only have my analyses with other to guide my results, people have a tendency to know a lot about things they claim to have forgotten, others simply admit it when confronted, so what do you think? Feel free to express your view, I would like to have extra inputs on this...

In another note, had difficulties with a part of a lyric so here it is a song and lyric that is catchy, although you wish it wasn't :P


ZP said...

Aqui está uma questão filosófica interessante. Eu pessoalmente nunca me esqueço de nada, principalmente pelo facto de ter um estômago incomparavelmente mais frágil do que o cérebro. Por este motivo, antes de chegar a uma fase em que o cérebro age sem deixar registo, eu estou normalmente com os dedos na goela a vomitar tudo o que bebi e a obrigar-me a mim próprio a parar. Pode parecer degradante, mas é um excelente sinal de alerta, como quem diz: Pára já de beber que já estás a começar a fazer figura de urso!

ganda said...

I will put things in a different prespective. maybe you don't remember. Instead of forgetting.

I haev to say it is true that you will not remember some of the things you have done when you are really drunk.

And Zé if you put your fingers in your throat that is cheating!

Long Live the Alcohol!

btw is there any reason why you ask :P

ZP said...

Ganda, when I feel that there is a riot in my stomach I don't fuckin' care if it's cheating or not...

But I'm with you: Long Live the Alcohol!