Tuesday, March 1, 2011

From the depth of darkness...

In the deepest darkness, even the smallest light will shine... Or something like that, a nice quote from one of my Geeky Tv series. I got reminded of it since I am literally in the dark with only my laptop, so not that small the light but still... Funny enough this is a darker light since it represents what I dread the most these days, but lets not go there... As usual a lot has happen but no real motivation to put in words, I mostly feel I blog is slowly fading away... Which I guess is related with how I feel... In any case I will not go down without a fight so I am sharing my thought from the morning... First let me set up the scene, yesterday went to bed at 5 AM and woke up at 8. Well maybe 8 30 :P can't resist the dammed snooze button ( the devilish invention :P ).

As you can imagine I was tired and I was about to have a day of meetings, which I must say make the day feel pointless and tiring... But I leave my thoughts about meetings for another day... Funny enough I charged my MP3 for going swimming in the weekend and add this year Christmas selection ( this year I did not post it here, but hey if you want it ask :P ) so today I used it instead of the mobile for music. This actually made my day, the fact that I started the day with the stupidest corniest happy song, that I still have in my brain right now... I would share but I am afraid to spread this disease :P

And the moral, well it is the little things that make up life, be on the lookout for them or risk not living ;)

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Nice to see you blog